A Hip-Opening Routine to Loosen Up Your Tightest Spots

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For those who’ve ever needed to sit nonetheless for some time, whether or not at a desk, on a flight, or in a automobile, you’re in all probability accustomed to that stiff, tight feeling in your neck, shoulders, and hips. And whereas it’s in all probability unrealistic to say, “Keep away from any and all lengthy automobile rides for the remainder of your life,” there are different methods to alleviate that stiff, tense feeling. Enter right this moment’s hip-opening routine from yoga teacher Rita Murjani. 

Tight hips can really have an effect on on a regular basis actions and probably trigger low again discomfort or knee ache. That’s as a result of, if you sit nonetheless for lengthy intervals of time, your hip flexors (the muscle mass that join your hips to your legs and run alongside the entrance of your physique) are held in a contracted (shortened) place. Preserve them contracted lengthy sufficient, and lengthening them once more if you stand will get tougher. 

As we speak’s 45-minute yoga routine is right here to assist tackle that. On this move, you’ll apply postures like warrior two, warrior three, and determine 4. As a result of a few of these postures are single-sided, you’ll even be working in your steadiness. Murjani affords modifications all through, and we advocate having yoga blocks or a few thick hardcover books helpful too. 

Unroll your mat, seize your props, and prepare to loosen up. Your hips will thanks later.

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