How to Do the Headstand Pose in Yoga Without Kicking Your Way Up

Ah, the elusive headstand. It may be the pose that attracts folks to yoga within the first place—or it repels them away fully as a result of they don’t ever need to must attempt it. 

Positive, the headstand pose could be to flex in your Instagram, however yoga as a complete, and the headstand particularly, is really about a lot greater than trying like a badass. There may be an unimaginable quantity of focus, persistence, stability, humility, power, breath, and management that comes with discovering your method to balancing in your head—all of which interprets off the mat too. 

However as you possibly can most likely inform from merely photographs of the headstand pose, it’s not precisely a easy one to execute. Consequently, there’s additionally a danger of harm for those who rush the method and simply attempt to throw your self up there. And many individuals attempt to just do that, by kicking their method to a headstand.

So let’s get this out of the best way. Please, I encourage you, don’t kick your method to a headstand! As a yoga teacher, I’m like a damaged file in my courses about this: In case you ask my college students what my primary rule is in relation to the headstand, they’ll reply loudly, in unison, “No kicking!” I don’t permit kicking for a handful of causes, the most important one being that it might probably set the stage for harm. Kicking up inherently includes momentum, and momentum when somebody is attempting to stability on their head—which, in fact, is hooked up to their neck and a part of their backbone—is only a recipe for no, nope, and nuh-uh. Head and spinal accidents could be very harmful and may trigger long-term harm. Moreover upping the danger of harm, counting on momentum additionally means that you could be lack the right management, power, or mobility in your core or higher physique to get into the optimum place to go as much as headstand. More often than not, individuals are kicking as a result of they will’t get themselves up in any other case.

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