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Sturdy Endurance™ is our umbrella time period for all anti-glycolytic coaching strategies.

Anti-glycolytic coaching is “anti-HIIT” that trains you to supply much less lactic acid as an alternative of tolerating extra of it. AGT is utilized by many Jap European nationwide groups in a wide range of sports activities: judo, cross nation snowboarding, rowing, full contact karate…

Broadly, there are three classes of anti-glycolytic strategies:

1. A+A

That is the unique AGT.

A+A (“alactic + cardio”) is a broad class of workout routines that makes use of the “anti-glycolytic vise” to crush glycolysis in quick and intermediate fibers.

Prof. Yuri Verkhoshansky, the daddy of A+A, explains: “The workout routines are organized in a manner which permits the loading of the CP mechanism [which fuels brief intense contractions in sports like sprinting and weightlifting] throughout every set and the stimulation of the cardio mechanism for its restoration between units and collection.”

This permits for a wealth of coaching strategies and functions. There are three subtypes of A+A: AXE, Steel Coronary heart, and Power Aerobics.

a. AXE

Once you goal quick fibers with excessive energy/low rep workout routines—common just like the kettlebell swing or sport-specific like placing a heavy bag—that is AXE.

The “A” in “AXE” stands for “cardio.” The “X” refers to kind IIX quick muscle fibers. “E” is for “train.”

AXE’s authentic aim is to develop the power to blow up again and again in video games and phone sports activities. It has many further advantages, together with muscle constructing and fats loss.

An instance of an AXE coaching session is 20-40min of heavy kettlebell swings performed for 4-6 reps on the minute. Give every rep an 80-90% effort and hold going till you hit a StrongFirst Cease Signal, e.g., failing to cross the discuss check earlier than the subsequent set or an influence drop-off.

Discover ways to wield AXE from my new e book Kettlebell Axe.

Kettlebell Axe by Pavel Tsatsouline

b. Steel Coronary heart

Once you anti-glycolytically prepare intermediate kind IIA fibers with gentle to average resistance at brisk to quick speeds for occasions like impediment course racing and for aggressive fats loss—e.g., “quick and free” kettlebell snatches, step-ups, repetition pushups—your methodology is named Steel Coronary heart.

Soviets had been higher at inventing nice coaching strategies than they had been at naming them. Because of Settle for, one in every of my favourite heavy metallic bands, for the inspiration. Steel Coronary heart is the title of one in every of its albums and my upcoming e book.

Of all AGT classes, it’s most demanding on the cardiorespiratory system and does qualify as critical “cardio.”

An instance of Steel Coronary heart coaching is half an hour of strolling snatches. Select a lightweight to medium kettlebell and provides a 30-50% effort to each quick and free rep. Take a step with the kettlebell overhead after every rep and swap palms typically. Your respiratory between the units is deep and regular and the session looks like a comfortably arduous run. Once more, obey the StrongFirst Cease Indicators to maintain the trouble cardio.

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Derek Toshner teaching All-Terrain Conditioning™ seminar

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c. Power Aerobics

When A+A is utilized to energy workout routines, “grinds” and “semi-grinds,” it’s Power Aerobics for sports activities like wrestling.

An instance of Power Aerobics is fifteen units of three reps within the barbell entrance squat with 70% of your max and 1min of energetic relaxation comparable to shadow boxing between them. No muscle burn is allowed.

Be taught a basic Power Aerobics kettlebell protocol by Alexey Senart, StrongFirst Licensed Grasp Teacher on this article and a complete coaching system primarily based on it in Iron Cardio, a e book by Brett Jones, StrongFirst Director of Training.

Iron Cardio

All three subcategories of A+A are wealthy with “what-the-hell” results.

2. Tremendous Sluggish 2.0

This sluggish twitch muscle fiber hypertrophy methodology by Prof. Victor Selouyanov makes you swim in acid whereas coaching—and luxuriate in a low acid competitors later.

It really works as a result of kind I fibers come densely preinstalled with mitochondria: constructing the previous nets extra of the latter.

Tremendous Sluggish 2.0 is ideal for sports activities like wrestling and rowing. Considered one of our former instructors used this coaching methodology to row throughout the Atlantic a couple of years again.

At StrongFirst we name it “Tremendous Sluggish 2.0” due to its similarity to a well-liked bodybuilding methodology—with essential modifications, therefore “2.0.”

I’ve written a collection of articles about this methodology:

 “Ought to You Construct Your Sluggish Fibers?”
“The right way to Construct Your Sluggish Fibers, Half I”
“The right way to Construct Your Sluggish Fibers, Half II”
“The right way to Construct Your Sluggish Fibers, Half III”

3. Q&D

US Navy SEAL turned best-selling author Jack Carr in one in every of his Terminal Record novels:

Reece stood barefoot, staring out… He adjusted his ft…and squatted to know the thick deal with of the seventy-pound kettlebell earlier than him. Exhaling sharply, he thrust his hips ahead, driving the forged iron weight to full extension, holding his core muscle groups flexed because it floated briefly on the highest of its arc. Gravity swung the bell downward, and he let it fall between his legs as he sucked a breath of air into his lungs. Up he got here up once more, repeating the method till he’d performed ten excellent swings and set the burden again onto the bottom. He dropped to his chest and executed ten push-ups, then went again to the kettlebell, alternating reps till he’d carried out 100 of every.

An attentive reader should have acknowledged Protocol 015 from my e book The Fast and the Lifeless. The load is reasonably heavy, the trouble given to every rep is 100%, and the tempo is maximal.

The Quick and the Dead

Q&D optimizes the metabolic situations for upregulating the grasp regulator of mitochondrial development, PGC-1α. Consult with the e book, for painful biochemistry adopted by easy and highly effective kettlebell swing plus energy pushup and snatch protocols, 015, 033, and 044.

Q&D and AXE are extremely complementary. Q&D builds extra and greater mitochondria and AXE makes them perform higher. The technical phrases are mitochondrial biogenesis and mitochondrial respiration, respectively. Alternating the 2 each six to 12 weeks is a win-win.

Pavel teaching Strong Endurance™ seminar
The writer explaining Sturdy Endurance™ at a seminar

If you wish to maximize your athletic efficiency whereas bettering your well being on the similar time, say goodbye to HIIT and “metcons” and go anti-glycolytic. AGT delivers for everybody, from the overall inhabitants to the world’s prime athletes.

For a most complete dive into anti-glycolytic coaching, take a Sturdy Endurance™ seminar. I’m instructing the subsequent one in Paris, France on September 28-29, 2024.

Join immediately and endurance to you!

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