How To Stop Muscle Loss On Wegovy And Ozempic

What originated as a promising instrument to deal with diabetes, Ozempic was rapidly picked up by Hollywood and now sits as the brand new miracle fats loss drug. After all, there have been loads of different miracle medicine and diets previously, however this one is totally different. It appears to really be very efficient—like actually, actually efficient—presumably too efficient. 

Like a dream, these medicine help you give your self a small injection as soon as per week, and then you definitely cease consuming! Sounds easy, and it’s, as these weekly injections have been confirmed to end in a huge quantity of weight reduction. Nonetheless, because of the excessive loss, folks have began shedding a ton of muscle as nicely. 

The muscle loss is so dangerous that it ends in turning into “skinny fats” or having saggy pores and skin. This impact is so pronounced that it has even given start to names like “Ozempic face” or “Ozempic butt.”  

We’re not sure who got here up with these names, however they do not sound good. Fortuitously, we do know how one can mitigate, if not fully eradicate them from creating in your physique.

Earlier than we go any additional, we have to make a disclaimer. We’re not certified medical doctors and are under no circumstances suggesting anybody use these medicine. We’re merely giving recommendation based mostly on the present info on how one can finest take care of muscle loss if you’re taking it. 

Nonetheless, it is essential to know that these medicine are new, and there are solely a handful of research on them, so we’re making our greatest guess. That mentioned, all the time search skilled medical remedy earlier than you search remedy.

***When you’re studying this, I am assuming you’re pretty conversant in Ozempic and Wegovy. That being mentioned, the following couple of sections are a fairly fast learn and provides some nice info. When you’re solely involved with stopping muscle loss, scroll right down to the second to final part.***

What Is Ozempic And Wegovy?

Let’s begin firstly by explaining what these medicine even are. Fortunately, we needn’t go too far again, as Ozempic has solely been accredited since 2017 and Wegovy since June 2021. So what are they?

Ozempic and Wegovy are each kinds of semaglutide remedy however are accredited for various makes use of; Ozempic is used to deal with diabetes, and Wegovy is used for weight reduction.

Nonetheless, their major distinction is actually simply the dosing and supply system, with Wegovy utilizing increased doses and single-use pens whereas Ozempic makes use of decrease doses and multiple-use pens. Aside from that, it is mainly the identical remedy, and each have been used for weight reduction.

So what’s Semaglutide?

Semaglutide mimics the consequences of Glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1. GLP-1 is a robust peptide that is launched in your physique as a response to consuming as a result of it indicators the discharge of insulin. As we all know, insulin acts to decrease an individual’s blood sugar, and that is what initially made it enticing to researchers for treating diabetes.

On the identical time, it decreases the quantity of glucagon launched and slows gastric emptying. Nonetheless, it additionally acts on components of the mind that lower urge for food and hold you feeling full. Briefly, you simply do not eat as a lot! And since folks taking these medicine do not eat, they shed weight—a whole lot of weight!

One of many medical trials for Ozempic was performed in 2021 and confirmed very promising outcomes. In it, 2,000 overweight adults obtained a semaglutide remedy alongside a routine of weight-reduction plan and train. Their weight reduction was then in contrast with those that merely adopted way of life adjustments however with out semaglutide. 

After 68 weeks, half of the members utilizing semaglutide misplaced 15% of their physique weight, whereas practically a 3rd misplaced 20%! Conversely, members who relied solely on way of life adjustments noticed a lack of simply 2.4%!¹ So yea, that is what all of the hype is about!

Ozempic, Wegovy, And Muscle Loss?

When you assume that is too good to be true, nicely, you are flawed! It’s totally true. Nonetheless, weight reduction this loopy would not come with out dangers, and this is true for Ozempic and Wegovy as nicely.

We’re not going to deal with all the attainable unintended effects on this article however there may be one we have to discuss. Muscle loss. Researchers have discovered that muscle mass really accounts for a big share of weight reduction

Now, some muscle loss could also be anticipated throughout weight reduction if the person is not understanding or following precautions (we’ll get to this later). However placing all that apart, folks had been nonetheless shedding a a lot increased share of muscle than anticipated.

A number of research have proven that muscle loss accounts for round 40% of an individual’s complete weight reduction. For instance, bear in mind the medical trial above? Nicely, on common, the members misplaced 30 kilos of weight. Superior! Nonetheless, this consisted of 12 kilos of muscle. Not superior. 

One other examine from 2020 confirmed that 12.5 kilos of complete weight reduction consisted of 5 kilos of lean muscle.² Once more, not superior. 

Below regular circumstances, researchers would count on the complete weight reduction to be simply 20% of muscle. Take note this quantity is for the typical affected person who is not lifting weights, as even 20% is lots! Regardless, this implies folks are shedding twice as a lot muscle as they need to! 

These numbers are much like these of somebody who had gastric bypass surgical procedure, so what is going on on?

Why Are Individuals Shedding Muscle On Ozempic And Wegovy?

When you had been to do a Google search, you will see a number of headlines akin to “The Race To Cease Ozempic Muscle Loss” or “Ozempic Makes You Lose Extra Than Fats”. 

These headlines can counsel some underlying mechanism by which the drug causes your muscular tissues to waste away. Like perhaps it will increase cortisol or promotes catabolic exercise.

Nonetheless, this isn’t so, and the reply is sort of easy. Earlier than we go additional, we once more wish to make clear that there’s nonetheless a whole lot of info missing, so what we’re about to say is based mostly on present info.

That mentioned, the muscle loss from taking Ozempic or Wegovy is solely because of the excessive caloric deficit from not consuming. That is it.  This is not something new as we all know you danger muscle loss when shedding an excessive amount of weight too quick. Subsequently, in a approach, it is excellent news as we are able to simply mitigate this!

If you wish to see some outcomes of taking semaglutide, try these males’s and ladies’s earlier than and after footage.

How To Forestall Muscle Loss From Ozempic Or Wegovy

When stopping muscle loss from Ozempic or Wegovy, you’ll merely comply with the identical protocol as any weight reduction plan together with taking some particular precautions.

Step one is to enhance your protein consumption. Rising protein consumption has been proven to be a really highly effective instrument for sustaining muscle mass throughout weight reduction; in actual fact, different research counsel you might even achieve!

Protein’s muscle-preserving capability comes from the truth that it offers an extra of amino acids. Below regular circumstances, your physique will draw out of your fats shops and glycogen. Nonetheless, throughout a caloric deficit, your physique might break down your muscular tissues to entry the amino acids. That is as a result of our physique can convert amino acids into glucose or ketones for vitality!

Subsequently, by taking further protein, you are mainly supplying further amino acids for vitality, which mitigates the necessity on your physique to interrupt down the muscle. Subsequently, take a minimum of 2 grams per kilogram of physique weight (2 grams per 2.2 lbs of physique weight).

The following factor you may must do is carry weights! However you may’t simply randomly throw across the barbell; you must comply with a correct progressive coaching program. It’s possible you’ll not have the ability to progress a lot as you may seemingly be in a comparatively massive caloric deficit.

Nonetheless, you continue to want to coach with that very same mindset and depth. Doing so will promote an anabolic atmosphere and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. 

Now, this does not have to be an excessively sophisticated program. Think about huge, compact actions and hit each muscle group two occasions per week, ideally within the 4-8 rep vary.

With our easy, confirmed, and easy-to-manage coaching, weight-reduction plan, and monitoring methods, you may not solely obtain a lean, sculpted physique but in addition end up in tip-top form…

Your final job is attending to mattress early! Sleep is definitely one of the best restoration instrument and actually promotes an anabolic atmosphere. Merely put, whenever you’re in a caloric deficit and lack sleep, your physique will break down the next share of muscle mass than in case you get an enough quantity

Verify this examine out. A group of middle-aged adults had been positioned on an identical weight-reduction plan with a caloric deficit for 14 days. The whole lot else was just about the identical besides one factor, their sleep. A standard sleep group aimed to get 8 hours an evening whereas a sleep deprivation group obtained 5.5 hours.

On the finish of the examine, each teams skilled an common weight lack of 3kg. Nonetheless, what differed was the place this weight got here from. The sleep deprivation group noticed 60% larger muscle loss and 55% decrease fats loss; that huge of a distinction from lacking 2.5 hours of sleep!³

As these medicine are much more excessive with their caloric deficit, it’s essential to get your sleep when taking Ozempic or Wegovy!

Particular Concerns To Mitigate Muscle Loss From Ozempic

Along with the above three pointers, you may additionally do a number of different issues to stop muscle loss. Though Wegovy and Ozempic are very highly effective medicine, that does not imply it’s essential to use all of their energy! When you’re involved about your physique composition, there are two issues you are able to do.

The primary is to stay with smaller doses. Each medicine start dosing at 0.25mg per week after which go up from there. Once more, we’ll say this once more, we aren’t medical doctors so we aren’t prescribing what dose to take.

Nonetheless, plainly in case you’re already seeing a 1,500 caloric deficit, why would you’re taking extra and proceed this drastic drop? 

Now we do know that some individuals who take this have extreme weight problems, and drastic weight reduction could also be a greater possibility for well being issues. Subsequently, deliver this up together with your physician. If you’re apprehensive about muscle loss, ask if it’s essential to take such a excessive dose.

Secondly, monitor your calorie consumption and pay shut consideration to your protein. This drugs will suppress your urge for food, so that you have to be extra proactive about getting your energy in. Clearly, this might be simpler in case you heed the earlier recommendation about utilizing smaller doses. 

The underside line is that when you’re taking Ozempic and Wegovy, you must comply with the identical pointers every time you are reducing weight. As of now, plainly the mechanism by which they work is lowering your caloric consumption so we must always fight muscle loss simply as with every weight-reduction plan; Gymnasium. Protein. Sleep.


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