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My journey to StrongFirst began with questions that have been all the time on my thoughts, “What’s energy? What does it imply to be robust?”

I pursued this query by combating, coaching, finding out, and researching the way to develop into robust, each bodily and mentally, and clearly the title StrongFirst got here up.

Every part I learn was intriguing, so actual and practical. I purchased my first e book Kettlebell Easy & Sinister and my first 24kg kettlebell and so it started.

I used to be in love with the purity and concreteness of minimalist coaching.

The concept coaching simply two workouts, see the Bare Warrior (one other e book I like and advocate), could possibly be all you might want to attain your objectives was fascinating. The which means behind minimalism is highly effective. It’s not solely a philosophy but in addition a conviction, and a person with conviction is powerful.

In the beginning I noticed glorious outcomes, regardless of the dearth of method as a result of me being self-taught. Ultimately the dearth of method turned an issue, and I used to be not in a position to enhance. Though I had been coaching for a very long time, the dearth of concrete information induced my outcomes to be unstable. Even whereas finding out to acquire a level in Train Science, I lacked sensible method. I made a decision to take part in my first StrongFirst workshop. There I met the now StrongFirst Licensed Senior Teacher Guido Posante and realized how younger, weak, and immature I used to be.

After studying the way to actually do the swing, the get-up, and different kettlebell abilities, I grew stronger and stronger.

one arm swing

Ultimately, with quite a lot of work, I earned all of the StrongFirst certifications, and I’m now a proud StrongFirst Licensed Elite Teacher. After reaching this standing, I used to be left with no particular aim. I returned to minimalist coaching together with Easy & Sinister and The Fast and the Lifeless. Nevertheless, I felt like I used to be nonetheless missing one thing, so I began some analysis which introduced me to the seven primary actions patterns: hinge, pull, push, squat, lunge, gait, and twist.

In StrongFirst we educate true energy, not the looks of it. We deal with full pressure, each in grinds and ballistics. This consists of multiarticular workouts and so basing a program on motor patterns as a substitute of muscle groups made sense to me.

I saved studying articles and books, and with some masochistic experiments on myself, I reached a strong conclusion and designed a minimalist program.

I lowered the motion patterns from seven to 4, selecting push, pull, hinge, and squat. The mixture of those 4 motion patterns can take you wherever with the correct protocol and train selection, particularly following StrongFirst ideas.

I paired the chosen 4 motion patterns collectively as push+hinge and pull+squat. (What are Easy and Sinister and the Fast and the Lifeless if not a push and a hinge?)

Selecting the best actions and protocols relies on your particular aim. For instance, you could possibly select one thing like bench press and deadlift paired with a heavy pullup and again squat, specializing in the vary of energy and grind actions. You can additionally select a kettlebell push press and kettlebell swing paired with a kettlebell physique row and goblet squat to deal with ballistics and a extra endurance-oriented coaching. It’s as much as you.

kettlebell goblet squat

My 4 Primary Motion Patterns Workout routines

Here’s a checklist of what I take into account efficient workouts inside the 4 primary motion patterns:

  • Push:
    • Bench press (together with specialised varieties)
    • Pushup (together with specialised varieties)
    • Navy press (kettlebell or barbell)
    • Push press (kettlebell or barbell)
    • Get-up. Technically it isn’t a push but when I needed to labeled it in certainly one of these 4 motion patterns, the get-up would fall within the push sample.
  • Pull:
    • Pullup and chin-up (weighted or unweighted)
    • Hanging leg elevate
    • Entrance lever
    • Rows
    • Kettlebell curl (extra on this later)
  • Squat:
    • Entrance squat (kettlebell or barbell)
    • Pistol (weighted or unweighted)
    • Bounce squat (weighted or unweighted)
    • Lunges plus specialised varieties (weighted or unweighted). I take into account lunges a variation of a cut up squat.
  • Hinge:
    • Deadlift (together with specialised varieties)
    • Clear (kettlebell or barbell)
    • Snatch (kettlebell or barbell)

A plan that labored effectively for me was to decide on two workouts from every sample. It’s best to select them primarily based in your wants and objectives (similar as your protocol).

The workouts I selected are listed within the desk under:

my minimalism table

A few of these workouts could appear a bit unusual, however I discovered them very helpful with quite a lot of switch to different actions.

Let me clarify.

The bridge flooring press is the bench press with out the bench. The bridge place is extra comfy, and it’s essential to stabilize your shoulders extra as a result of inner rotation brought on by the kettlebell. (You have to battle in opposition to the burden and the quantity of the kettlebell.) It’s additionally a unilateral train which suggests you profit from working every arm symmetrically.

The push press is a favourite of mine as a result of it jogs my memory of throwing a punch. I used to be a boxer, and it’s a extra acquainted motion than the basic grind press. Clearly, it additionally has quite a lot of switch to vertical presses and works the shoulder and the triceps like hell.

The kettlebell curl is an unexpectedly efficient “pull “motion as a result of grip wanted on the kettlebell. You’re employed your grip such as you wouldn’t imagine together with the biceps and lats (as a result of displaced heart of mass of the kettlebell shifting away from the physique). The kettlebell curl undoubtedly has an important switch to the pullup. Give it a attempt.

The tactical pullup is the pull. It consists of a hole physique place, strict and heavy. That’s it.

The goblet squat is the “squat for the individuals.” It trains the fundamentals and basis of the squat. The burden held within the entrance of the physique permits triple extension and so I assumed “Why not bounce?” The bounce provides explosiveness and like an actual bounce, you need to use the arm drive to barely bounce the kettlebell up and down. Give it a attempt with a heavy kettlebell and see how a lot it’s essential to pressurize your abs after which decide whether or not it’s a worthy train.

The pistol wants no rationalization. When completed weighted, it is among the most versatile and helpful leg workouts.

The swing and the snatch can simply be declared the inspiration of the SFG with probably the most “what the heck results.” And since we take into account one the counterpart of the opposite, they’re completely complementary.

I accomplished every train for a distinct aim and so every had a distinct development. Nevertheless, I maintained simplicity and minimalism for every. I primarily based my program on anti-glycolytic coaching or AGT, following the plans and templates from the Robust Endurance™ and the All-Terrain Conditioning™ seminars hosted by StrongFirst. In these seminars you be taught in regards to the physiology behind programming and obtain many coaching plans and templates that you may instantly use.

I used Traditional AGT (Verkhoshansky) for ballistics: push press, goblet bounce squat, swing, and snatch. The intent of the AGT system is to load the CP (creatine phosphate) mechanism throughout every set and the stimulation of the cardio mechanism for restoration between units and collection. This maximizes the cardio metabolism in quick twitch fibers whereas minimizing glycolysis.

This coaching is each alactic and cardio which is the place the title “A+A” comes from. Personally, I carried out 5 to 10 reps explosively OTM (on the minute) working as much as round 100 reps per session for the swing and the snatch. For the goblet bounce squat, I opted for a similar reps and quantity each two minutes. You possibly can modify the reps and quantity for various objectives.

goblet jump squat sequence

The development of this program could be very linear. Begin with 5 reps OTM (or each two minutes primarily based on the train) with a weight you are able to do not less than 15 reps+ with. Every week add a rep till you attain 10 reps. When you attain 10 reps, transfer as much as the following heavier kettlebell and restart this system with 5 reps.

For the grinds such because the bridge flooring press, two-arm kettlebell curl, pullup, and pistol I used the Russian ladder. (To be taught precisely the way to program for energy and hypertrophy attend the Plan Robust™ and Constructed Robust seminars which cowl the perfect techniques utilized to normal energy coaching.)

weighted pistol

The ladder is a program the place the train is carried out in an ascending or descending repetitive sample with a continuing load. The Russian ladder is efficient for growing the work quantity whereas managing neural and metabolic fatigue. The ladder is predicated on a particular rep max (RM) in response to your objectives. The vary can also be decided by your particular objectives. My Russian ladder was primarily based on my 10RM as a result of I wished to deal with resistance energy and hypertrophy reasonably than on maximal energy. I knew I’d see the switch later.  

How is the ladder programmed?


Check the RM you’ve chosen and calculate 2/3 of RM for rung A, 1/3 of RM for rung C, and the distinction between rung A and rung C for B.

Utilizing this method, right here is an instance of certainly one of my periods:

  • Rung A: 10RM x 2/3 = 7 (rounded up)
  • Rung C: 10RM x 1/3 = 3 (rounded down)
  • Rung B: 7-3 = 4

I began my coaching with 2x(7, 4, 3)with nearly 2-3 min of relaxation to maintain my thoughts and method constant.

For a unilateral train, it could appear to be the next: 7L, 7R, 4L, 4R, 3L, 3R however the development could be the identical.

The weekly development was easy and linear. The primary week I added one rep to the primary ladder, so it went from 7, 4, 3, 7, 4, 3 to eight, 5, 4, 7, 4, 3. The second week, I added one rep to the second ladder, so it could be 2x(8, 5, 4).

Proceed this sample till you attain 2x(10, 7, 6). Then retest your new 10RM with a heavier weight.

These 4 motion patterns and minimalist coaching plans introduced me to the place I’m now and one other step towards what it means to be robust.

Bear in mind be robust, first.

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Fulvio Giglio

Fulvio started his journey on the planet of energy with Kickboxing and Muay Thai. He practiced these for a number of years and ultimately competed as an novice boxer. After finishing his martial arts journey, he found StrongFirst in 2019 and ultimately accomplished all of the certifications to develop into a StrongFirst Licensed Elite Teacher in 2022. All through this time, he additionally participated in numerous workshops and seminars, together with Robust Endurance™. He has an Train Science diploma with a thesis on Vitality Methods and at present works as a self-employed private coach. As an expert, Fulvio is all the time on the lookout for new and higher coaching strategies that result in improved well being and sports activities efficiency. His coaching and educating techniques are centered on excessive technical requirements and cautious planning, geared toward reaching the target successfully and reliably.

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