Scissor Kicks: Correct Form, Benefits, & Muscles Worked

Everybody needs to strengthen and tone their core, however more often than not, folks solely concentrate on the six-pack abs portion of the coaching. There’s nothing flawed with superior brick-like abs, nevertheless it’s important to recollect the significance of core coaching.

And I am not speaking about karate kicks, both.

The core is a dynamic group of muscular tissues that have to be educated with a wide range of workouts to verify your physique can’t solely transfer whenever you ask it to but in addition it might be sure to are pain-free. Scissor kicks are a unbelievable possibility to focus on the often-forgotten transverse abdominis, and the advantages are significantly glorious.

Desk of Contents:

  • What Are Scissor Kicks?
  • Scissor Kicks vs Flutter Kicks: What’s The Distinction?
  • How To Carry out Scissor Kicks
  • Muscle mass Labored Throughout Scissor Kicks
  • 6 Advantages of Scissor Kicks
  • Frequent Scissor Kick Errors
  • Scissor Kicks Options
  • Programming Scissors Kicks
  • Pattern Core Exercise
  • FAQs

What Are Scissor Kicks?

The scissor kick train is an belly train that primarily targets your transverse abdominis. This corset-like muscle is the deepest of all of the core muscular tissues, stabilizing your backbone and pulling your core in.

Sadly, the transverse abdominis and transverse abdominis workouts are sometimes uncared for in favor of workouts that practice the ever-popular six-pack. We’ll go into depth later about why that is a foul concept. To do the scissor kick, begin mendacity in your again and lift your legs off the ground to a 45-ish-degree angle, relying in your health degree.

Whereas conserving your legs straight, cross one over the opposite like scissors slicing paper within the air with out letting them drop all the way down to the bottom. Holding your legs within the air like this additionally targets decrease physique muscular tissues just like the hips’ quads and abductors/adductors.

Scissor Kicks vs Flutter Kicks: What’s The Distinction?

Should you aren’t aware of the flutter kick, it is just like the scissor kick. The flutter kick can also be executed mendacity in your again along with your legs off the bottom, however they are going to be simply off the ground.

Conserving your legs straight, you will flutter your legs as if holding a kickboard within the water and kicking your legs to propel your self ahead. At first look, these core workouts look virtually an identical. They even each goal the transverse abdominis whereas working the glutes and quads.

Nevertheless, scissor kicks are a bit extra superior. The crisscross movement is more difficult because it recruits the adductors and abductors. That is the simplest method to inform these aside: Flutter kicks are an up-and-down motion, and the scissor kick is a crisscross movement.

How To Carry out Scissor Kicks

Scissor kicks are a reasonably basic-looking motion, however there are particular guidelines it’s essential observe to get the advantages you might be chasing. This transfer is a difficult place, and most of the people have a tough time conserving their again from arching or conserving their legs straight.

Be sure that to observe these tips when performing scissor kicks to be sure to are strengthening and never furthering your imbalances.

  • Lie on the ground with legs prolonged and place your arms at your sides.
  • Preserve your low again firmly pressed into the ground and have interaction your core to elevate each legs off the bottom till they’re at a 45-degree angle.
  • Separate your straight legs right into a “V” form, which will probably be your beginning place.
  • Whereas conserving each legs straight, deliver your legs collectively and cross one over the opposite. Widen them again out once more into that very same “V” place, and as you deliver them in once more, deliver the alternative leg on high this time.
  • Proceed alternating sides and crisscrossing the legs whereas conserving your legs straightened and your decrease again firmly pressed into the ground.

To change this train and make it simpler, both place your palms beneath your butt, which can assist hold your decrease again on the ground, or elevate your legs increased than a 45-degree angle. To advance the train, enhance your vary of movement, lower the tempo, or add mild ankle weights.

Professional Tip: An train mat may also help make the transfer extra comfy and stop you from laying on the gross gymnasium flooring.

Muscle mass Labored Throughout Scissor Kicks

Scissor kicks are surprisingly difficult, partaking many muscular tissues of the core in addition to your leg muscular tissues. Listed here are the first muscular tissues labored throughout this train:

  • Transverse Abdominis: The six-pack will get all the Instagram consideration, however the transverse abdominis is the unlikely motion hero of the core muscular tissues. Because the deepest inner core muscle in your physique, it protects your organs and helps the crucial pelvic and lumbar areas. Positioned within the entrance belly wall beneath your inner indirect, it stretches out of your ribs to your pelvis. That anatomy means it is known as upon with each motion you make.
  • Hip Flexors: This muscle group is usually considered one muscle, however that’s definitely not the case. The hip flexor muscular tissues are a bundle of muscular tissues that begin beneath your abdomen and run throughout your hips earlier than inserting into the highest of your thighs. The first hip flexors embrace psoas, iliacus, pectineus, rectus femoris, and sartorius. As a consequence of extreme sitting, most individuals have weak and tight hip flexors, generally resulting in again ache. These muscular tissues have to be sturdy to make sure you can transfer your decrease physique the way you need to with out getting injured. This implies hip flexor workouts are essential!
  • Rectus Abdominis: The six-pack abs often known as the rectus abdominis are a parallel set of muscular tissues that run down the entrance of your torso. Throughout rectus abdominis workouts, they work to flex your trunk, which means they let you sit up off of the ground and assist you bend your higher physique ahead. Together with flexion, they work to stabilize and assist preserve the correct place of your pelvis.
  • Decrease Abs: It is necessary to notice that I positioned this proper after the rectus abdominis, and I did this as a result of there aren’t, actually, any separate decrease abs, only one set of belly muscular tissues has an higher and a decrease part. The higher part works to flex your torso, and the decrease part is extra geared towards hip flexion. You can’t isolate the decrease abs, however an train like this helps to focus on them extra as you deliver your thighs towards your core in the course of the scissor kick.
  • Adductors: With out going too in-depth, the adductors are a bunch of muscular tissues close to your inside thighs that work to deliver your legs into the midline of your physique. The adductor brevis, adductor longus, adductor magnus, gracilis, and pectineus play their half on this motion.
  • Abductors: The place the adductors deliver the legs towards the physique’s midline, abductors take them away from the physique. The gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and TFL (tensor fascia latae) make up this group of muscular tissues. These muscular tissues help with strolling gait, hip extension, and stabilizing the physique.

What Are The Finest Scissor Kick Train Advantages?

With all the above muscular tissues in play, it is no shock the scissor kick comes with many advantages. Listed here are six of the highest advantages you may count on from doing scissor kicks repeatedly.

  • Improve Core Energy: Coaching the core with scissor kicks hits muscular tissues in your on a regular basis motion and athletic efficiency. Strengthening these muscular tissues in unison will instantly carry over to actions like squats, deadlifts, working, and leaping, to call a couple of.
  • Lower Decrease Again Ache: It sucks to rise up from a chair feeling stiff and have your decrease again harm. Strengthening with the scissor kick train will develop all the obligatory core muscular tissues that assist stabilize your backbone and be sure to can transfer with out ache. The hip flexors are extraordinarily necessary, and strengthening them will lower that tight, painful feeling you get within the entrance of your hips and decrease again.
  • Tone Abs: With a stronger core comes elevated power for all of your different workouts. Scissor kicks will strengthen and tone your core, however the improved efficiency within the different actions will proceed to tone the world as you progress from week to week. Strengthening your abs to guard your backbone must be precedence primary, after which as soon as they’re sturdy sufficient to do this, they’ll reward you with superior seaside physique abs in case your food plan is so as.
  • Assist With On a regular basis Duties: Strengthening the right muscular tissues helps with on a regular basis actions like strolling and standing up from a chair. These could also be an afterthought when our coaching is spent doing difficult superior workouts, however if in case you have ever had ache whereas strolling or standing up, you recognize it is to not be taken as a right.
  • Improve Efficiency: Together with the on a regular basis duties, strengthening your core will instantly carry over to issues like working, leaping, and throwing. Any athlete is aware of how a lot a robust core impacts their efficiency. Keep in mind that this is only one core puzzle piece, nevertheless it checks many packing containers.
  • Repair Imbalances: What’s distinctive about this train is its capability to strengthen the core muscular tissues as a unit. You will have to have the ability to contract a number of muscle teams to carry out this motion, and it’s technically a unilateral train since you might be alternating one leg at a time, transferring in unison. You probably have a core muscle imbalance, it is going to begin to even out after a couple of weeks of the scissors train.

scissor kick exercise

Frequent Errors To Keep away from When Performing The Scissor Kicks Train

To get probably the most out of your scissor kicks, it’s essential do them with correct type. Keep away from these errors to coach the appropriate muscular tissues and hold from getting injured:

  • Arching your decrease again: In case your core muscular tissues aren’t sturdy sufficient to have interaction correctly, the decrease again will attempt to help and take over the train. To keep away from this, hold your palms and elbows flat towards the bottom, press your decrease again into the ground, and pull your abdomen towards your backbone. If this nonetheless is a matter, attempt putting your palms beneath your butt till you may progress to conserving them at your sides. Another choice is elevating your legs above a 45-degree angle and decreasing them down as you get stronger.
  • Bending legs: Preserve your legs straight whereas performing this train to strengthen your quads and hip flexors. Consider flexing your quads and toes, pulling your toes in the direction of your face to assist hold the legs locked. In the event that they hold bending, you may attempt to full a couple of reps at a time till you get stronger and might do extra in a row.

2 Scissor Kicks Options

Whether or not you need to change issues up, or simply need much more workouts to hit your core, listed here are two scissor kicks alternate options.

1) Ab Bicycles:

scissor legs

This crunch variation is a good way to work the obliques, hip flexors, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis. All of the transferring components could make it difficult to keep up the shape, so be sure to transfer slowly with management earlier than including pace to the motion.

Learn how to do Ab Bikes:

  • Lie in your again and convey your legs to a 90-degree angle along with your knees above your hips and toes instantly in step with your knees.
  • Place your fingertips towards your temple as an alternative of holding onto the again of your head so you do not pull and crunch your neck ahead.
  • Elevate your higher physique barely so your shoulder blades barely contact the ground.
  • Lengthen your left leg straight and twist your torso as your left elbow crunches in the direction of your proper knee. Lengthen your proper leg and crunch your proper elbow towards your left knee as your left leg comes again in.
  • Repeat and alternate sides.

2) Flutter Kicks:

scissors ab exercise

Flutter kicks are an important start line earlier than advancing to scissor kicks as they take away the crisscross portion of the train. You’ll be able to carry out them sooner to get a cardio-type really feel in your core or use a slower tempo to really feel a deep burn with the time beneath stress.

Learn how to do Flutter Kicks:

  • Lie in your again along with your legs straight and arms at your sides.
  • Raise each legs only a few inches off of the ground whereas conserving your decrease again pressed into the ground.
  • Conserving your legs straight, flutter kick your legs as if kicking in a pool. Your heel of 1 foot must be simply above the toes of the opposite foot as you turn sides all through the motion.

Programming Scissor Kicks

You probably have by no means carried out scissor kicks earlier than, attempt including two units of 20 whole crisscross reps into your core coaching. This could offer you a baseline for regressing or progressing the train.

If you’re extra seasoned in core coaching, attempt including 3-4 units of 30 seconds, going for as many reps as doable.

Core coaching might be executed by itself day or one portion of the core each day alongside along with your power coaching program. Both approach, you will have to search out what works for you, and the most effective core exercise is the one you do.

Scissor Kick Pattern Exercise Routine

On the lookout for core routine that options the scissor kick? You’ve got come to the appropriate place! You’ll be able to carry out this routine by itself and even add it to the tip of your leg exercise.

Train Units Reps
RKC Plank 3 30 sec
Facet Plank Hip Dips 2 20
Scissor Kicks 3 30 sec
Seated Russian Twists w/ Weight 2 20
Decline Sit Ups w/ Weight 2 10
Farmer’s Stroll 3 20 sec


Now, let’s reply a number of the extra generally requested questions on scissor kicks.

What’s a scissor kick? 

A scissor kick is a core train carried out whereas mendacity in your again and making a crisscross movement along with your legs like a pair of scissors making cuts.

Are scissor kicks good for thighs? 

Scissor kicks are a unbelievable core train that additionally goal the inside and outer thighs.

Are scissor kicks efficient? 

Scissor kicks are very efficient as a result of they aim the entire core as an alternative of isolating one half at a time.

Are you able to get a six-pack from flutter kicks? 

Flutter kicks usually are not possible to provide you a six-pack by themselves, but when they’re a part of an all-encompassing core program and a correct food plan, they definitely will assist. If abs is your aim, be certain that to observe our weight reduction meal plan and a exercise break up (that features flutter kicks, in fact).

how to do scissors kick

Scissor Kicks: Last Ideas

Scissor kicks construct a unbelievable basis for a lot of core muscular tissues and deserve a spot in your coaching program. Be sure that to observe the appropriate type, and you may work an extended record of muscular tissues within the course of.

Additionally, do not forget that there are extra advantages to scissor kicks than merely getting the abs of your goals. With extra core power comes extra general power, which can instantly carry over to a lot of your favourite compound lifts, like squats and deadlifts.

Lengthy story quick, begin scissor-kicking!

Able to make your scissor kicks even tougher? Decide one in all these 11 Finest Resistance Bands and add some resistance to your core routine!

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