The Only 3 Glute Exercises You Need For a Bigger Butt

Booty. Ass. Buttocks. Cake. Okay, sufficient of the cheeky banter, and let’s get straight to the underside of this text. In the case of sculpting a rounder, firmer, and total larger derrière, there’s actually no scarcity of exercise routines promising insane outcomes.

The largest factor to deal with when making an attempt to work your butt is to deal with the right workout routines that ship the largest impression. As somebody who is part of the massive butt membership, I am going to present you the three glute workout routines I do (spoiler: Step-Ups, Deadlifts, and Hip Thrusts) and doubtlessly allow you to to attain your targets effectively and successfully.

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  • The Three Finest Glute Workouts
  • Why Ought to You Construct Larger & Stronger Glutes?
  • Muscle Anatomy of the Glutes

The Three Finest Glute Workouts

1. Step-Ups

Now, you might be shocked to see step-ups within the primary spot, as a substitute of the usually lauded squats, however hear me out. Not solely is the vary of movement on a step-up higher than lots of people can carry out on a conventional squat, step-ups really activate the glutes considerably greater than most workout routines. Simply try the chart beneath from a examine revealed in 2020.¹

EMG Glute Activation

Determine 1: Neto, Walter Krause, et al. (2020)

Simply from a easy look, you possibly can see step-ups have a considerably increased muscle activation than all the opposite decrease physique workout routines carried out.

Why To Do It:

As if that chart above wasn’t cause sufficient, in contrast to different workout routines, even these on this record, you do not want any fancy gear to carry out this motion, only a sturdy raised floor. Step-ups could be carried out virtually wherever, making these a flexible solution to get booty work in with out having to pull your self to the gymnasium.

Do not get me fallacious, as a coach, I completely love squats and assume they need to be part of most individuals’s coaching regimens. However on the subject of concentrating on the glutes, these are king. I train my shoppers to get probably the most activation out of their glutes by having them deal with participating them first earlier than even beginning the motion.

These with knee issues could discover that this system of pushing along with your glutes quite than your quads can take some pressure off of your knees.  

How To Do It

  1. Begin by dealing with a raised floor, like a weight bench, chair, or plyo field.
  2. Subsequent, stand along with your toes roughly shoulder-width aside or barely wider.
  3. Put one foot onto the bench and interact your glutes.
  4. Push via your heel to convey your physique right into a standing place on prime of the bench.
  5. In a managed method decrease your self again all the way down to the ground.
  6. Repeat for as many reps as desired and change to the opposite leg.

Coach Tip: Get comfy with the motion earlier than enthusiastic about including weight. You may be shocked how tough it may be to stability whereas performing this train, particularly on a weight bench that has some give to it. When you’re comfy with the movement, experiment with tempo, assume explosive velocity or a really sluggish, managed tempo. You may be shocked how tough pacing could make this train. Shoot for a minimum of 10 reps per leg for 3 units.


Dumbbell Step-Ups: This different requires you to seize a pair of dumbbells to extend the issue.

Crossover Step-Ups: Be forewarned, these are completely brutal. As an alternative of dealing with the bench, stand subsequent to it. Use your outdoors foot to…look ahead to it…crossover in entrance of your different foot onto the bench. Push off the leg on the bench to convey your self to standing on the bench. Decrease your self all the way down to the opposite aspect of the bench, nonetheless on one foot. Reset to each toes on the ground, and down the identical movement for the opposite aspect. When you get good at these, do not be afraid to seize a set of sunshine dumbbells to jack up the depth.

Lateral Step-Ups: Identical to the crossover step-ups, you will be standing subsequent to the bench quite than dealing with it. Elevate your inside leg onto the bench, push your self to standing, than decrease your self down. These are mainly the identical movement as an everyday step-up, simply rotated 90º.

    2. Deadlift 

    barbell deadlift

    Now it was a good race whether or not I wished to place the deadlift or Romanian deadlift (RDL) right here as they each are hinge actions that primarily goal the hamstrings and glutes whereas additionally participating the decrease again, quads, and core muscle groups. In the end, I went with deadlifts as a result of the analysis is clear on the subject of which certainly one of these workout routines reigns supreme.²

    EMG Activity deadlift vs RDL

    Determine 2: Lee, Sangwoo, et al. (2018)

    I did discover it fascinating although, after I gave a ballot to my shoppers, the bulk mentioned that Romanian Deadlifts focused their glutes probably the most.

    Why To Do It:

    Deadlifts have a considerably intimidating repute as a result of they’re a staple of a powerlifter’s routine, and it is not unusual to see the human equal of a water buffalo lifting the load of a small automobile on a deadlift platform. Whereas this may be off-putting to somebody that simply needs to place a bit junk of their trunk, it is properly price giving this train a shot.

    Not solely will it allow you to fill out your denims, deadlifts may also help construct up core energy in addition to a number of different advantages lined in our article on Deadlift Advantages.

    How To Do It:

    1. Stand along with your toes shoulder-width aside behind a barbell.
    2. Place your fingers on the bar simply outdoors of your legs, some individuals like to make use of a combined grip, with their fingers dealing with reverse methods. I favor to make use of an overhand or hook grip.
    3. Brace your core, maintain your chest up, and sink your hips all the way down to virtually a squat place.
    4. Maintaining the bar near your legs, squeeze your glutes, begin pushing your hips ahead.
    5. Maintain your again straight because the bar begins rising, aiming to your again and knees to be coming to a standing place on the identical time.
    6. Maintain the highest place for a second, then decrease the load to the ground in a managed method.

    Coach Tip: Begin with a lighter weight, and actually deal with utilizing your glutes to drive the motion. When you’re comfy with the motion, then you can begin including some weight. To make that booty develop, you are gonna need to be within the 8-10 rep vary (decrease reps will assist make you stronger, however hypertrophy is what we’re aiming for). As a result of this can be a compound train, you ought to be doing this towards the beginning of your exercise.


      Romanian Deadlifts: This can be a incredible variation I do each different leg exercise. To do it correctly, maintain your knees barely bent, the bar tight to your legs, and actually squeeze your glutes on the backside of the motion the get probably the most out of it.

      Sumo Deadlifts: With the identical thought because the deadlift, the Sumo deadlift includes spreading your toes out right into a wider stance, so your arms are grabbing the bar inside your legs. When you begin sinking into the stance, you will perceive why these are an awesome alternate so as to add to your decrease physique exercises.

      Banded Romanian deadlifts: A fan favourite amongst my shoppers, add a resistance band round your hips or below your toes to extend stress all through the motion, particularly on the prime, the place the glutes would be the most activated.

      3. Hip Thrusters

      barbell hip thrusts

      On Instagram and TikTok, you will note principally ladies performing this transfer, however do not let that deter you, gentleman. Hip thrusters are among the finest methods to isolate and strengthen the posterior chain, particularly the gluteus maximus, medius, and hamstrings. Going again to Determine 1, hip thrusts had the second highest muscle activation, which suggests they need to be a mainstay in everybody’s butt exercises.

      Why To Do It:

      If you happen to wrestle with decrease again ache however nonetheless need to elevate heavy weights, then hip thrusters are a wonderful train for you! Hip thrusters are nice at isolating the glutes by putting them in a very good place for optimum muscle activation whereas additionally lowering the pressure on the decrease again muscle groups. 

      Lifting the hips towards resistance successfully stimulates muscle development and energy growth within the glutes, main to higher form and definition.

      How To Do It:

      1. Begin by sitting on the bottom along with your higher again towards a bench and a barbell positioned throughout your hips.
      2. Roll the barbell in the direction of your physique to relaxation simply above your hip bones. I like to recommend utilizing a pad on the bar to maintain your hips from being bruised by weight.
      3. Plant your toes flat on the bottom, shoulder-width aside, and brace your core.
      4. Drive via your heels, lifting your hips in the direction of the ceiling whereas squeezing your glutes on the prime of the motion.
      5. Slowly decrease your hips again down below management, sustaining stress on the glutes all through the motion.

      Coach Tip: I’ll sometimes begin out my leg days with three or 4 heavy units of 6 reps to hit my glutes whereas they’re recent. However what I actually like doing is throwing these in on the finish of my leg days, to totally burn out my glutes. I am going to normally go for increased reps, round 20, for 3 units.


        Single-leg hip thrusters: If you happen to’re in search of a enjoyable problem and need to work your indirect extra, do hip thrusters with one leg elevated. Deal with driving via the heel of the working leg to have interaction the glutes unilaterally. 

        Weighted hip thrusters: As an alternative of utilizing a barbell like most individuals do, you can too use a dumbbell, kettlebell, or a weight plate throughout your hips to extend resistance and problem the glutes in a barely completely different means.

        Band-resisted hip thrusters: Loop a resistance band round your hips and anchor it to a sturdy object in entrance of you so as to add additional resistance all through the motion, significantly on the prime the place the glutes are absolutely contracted.

        Why Ought to You Construct Larger & Stronger Glutes?

        In addition to the plain advantages of getting a fuller, rounder set of buns, there are a number of different nice causes to prioritize glute growth in your health routine:

        Improved athletic efficiency: I do not find out about you guys, however I’ve been actually entering into pickleball currently, and I’ve observed that engaged on my glutes has performed an enormous half in my explosive energy. It’s because robust glutes play a significant function in athletic actions akin to working, leaping, and lifting by enhancing energy, velocity, and agility.

        Lowered threat of harm: These of you who assume that having good glutes is pointless in all probability do not understand that having weak glutes can contribute to imbalances and power different muscle groups to attempt to compensate in motion patterns, which will increase the danger of accidents akin to decrease again ache, knee ache, and hip points.

        Enhanced purposeful energy: Sturdy glutes are important for on a regular basis actions like strolling, climbing stairs, and lifting objects, bettering total purposeful capability and high quality of life.

        Muscle Anatomy of the Glutes

        Gluteus anatomy

        (Picture credit score to authentic proprietor)

        Whereas it could not appear necessary, understanding the glutes’ anatomy can present helpful perception into their operate and the most effective methods to coach them optimally. The gluteal muscle groups encompass three primary elements:

        Gluteus maximus: The largest and strongest muscle within the gluteal group. It’s liable for hip extension and helps the prolonged knee via the iliotibial tract and rotation. Principally, it helps you skip, run, stroll, and bounce. It’s also the muscle that makes up the majority of the shape and form of the butt and hip space.

        You could find our favourite Gluteus Maximus Workouts right here.

        Gluteus medius: That is an fascinating muscle as a result of it’s formed like a hand fan. It’s positioned on the outer floor of the pelvis; this muscle helps hip abduction and stabilization of the pelvis throughout motion.

        Wish to actually work these higher glutes? Discover our advisable Gluteus Medius Workouts right here.

        Gluteus minimus: Located beneath the gluteus medius and the smallest of the three muscle groups, this fan-shaped muscle additionally aids in hip abduction and stabilization, particularly in weight-bearing actions.

        Why not spherical out your glute constructing journey by testing the Finest Gluteus Minimus Workouts?


        Regardless of what you see throughout social media, constructing a much bigger, extra muscular butt does not require an advanced array of workout routines and gear. Figuring out simply the glutes for hours at a time is not even essential.

        As an alternative, by specializing in the three powerhouse strikes outlined on this article—step-ups, deadlifts, and hip thrusters—you possibly can effectively and successfully sculpt the ass cheeks of your goals. So, prioritizing glute growth can yield spectacular outcomes if you happen to goal to reinforce your physique, enhance athletic efficiency, or just look caked up when out in public.

        Now that you simply’re in your solution to beefing up your bottom, it could be time to consider including some muscle to the remainder of your physique, and the right means to do this is the SFS Hypertrophy Program.


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