The Ultimate Guide to Planet Fitness Machines

So you have discovered your self at Planet Health, able to kickstart your health journey. At $10 a month, it is extremely reasonably priced, however whereas it could provide a budget-friendly membership, you would possibly surprise take advantage of the fitness center’s gear to get more healthy and construct a well-rounded physique.

As an alternative of aimlessly strolling round and attempting out machines, let me offer you an in-depth information to the perfect Planet Health machines for each muscle group that can assist you get began.

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Planet Health Cardio Machines

Cardiovascular train is essential for enhancing coronary heart well being and stamina and torching these further energy! At Planet Health, you may discover a vary of cardio machines that cater to all tastes and health ranges.

Whether or not you are a velocity demon on the treadmill, a stair-climbing champion, or choose the sleek glide of an elliptical, there’s one thing right here to make your coronary heart race (in a great way!)


Wish to climb Mount Everest with out having to take care of the chilly? Stairclimbers are an incredible different as a result of they will simulate the sensation of climbing stairs whereas additionally making them unimaginable for concentrating on your decrease physique muscle groups—quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes will thanks later!

The most effective ideas I can provide you for utilizing the stair climber is that the variety of steps you’re taking at a time will have an effect on which muscle groups are engaged extra. Climbing one step at a time will work extra on the entrance of the legs, whereas climbing two steps at a time hits the again of the legs.

Subsequent time you utilize a stairclimber, attempt alternating between one and two steps whereas growing the velocity to problem your decrease physique and improve your coronary heart fee.


A fundamental staple of any fitness center’s cardio part, treadmills enable you to hit the bottom operating (actually!) with Planet Health’s lineup of machines. These machines provide a cardio session like every other treadmill, permitting you to manage your velocity, incline, and exercise period.

So, whether or not you want strolling, operating, or spicing issues up with interval coaching, you should use them year-round with out inclement climate and visitors dangers. To get essentially the most out of treadmills in your cardio, I like to recommend doing interval coaching, the place you turn between strolling, jogging, and sprinting to maintain your physique guessing and maximize your energy burned!

Stationary and Recumbent Bikes

Want one thing low-impact and improves coronary heart well being? Then pedal your means over to the stationary and recumbent bikes. A stationary bike is just like the treadmill as a result of you do not have to fret about outdoors points like climate and visitors.

In addition to its heart-health advantages, additionally it is nice for slimming down the physique and blowing some steam off after a tough day at work. Modify the resistance to dial the depth and concentrate on these leg muscle groups with easy, constant pedaling.


Why select between operating, biking, or stair-stepping when you may type of have all of it with ellipticals? These are a few of my favourite machines as a result of they mix completely different actions seamlessly, supplying you with a full-body exercise with out further joint pressure.

Ellipticals provide many benefits. They supply a complete full-body exercise that concurrently engages the higher and decrease physique. An elliptical can improve steadiness and mobility, making it a wonderful possibility for anybody recovering from particular accidents.

Do not be a type of individuals who hop on and do nothing with their arms; seize the handles to have interaction your higher physique. I’d additionally suggest switching issues up with the pedal route to focus on different muscle teams.


You do not have to go right down to the native river with a rowboat to get the advantages of rowing. You should utilize it in a number of methods, the perfect being as a part of your warm-up because it helps to loosen up the bulk of your physique and will get the blood transferring.

One other means you should use it’s as a cool-down or ending train in your exercise. Rowing is a superb possibility for cardio lovers who need one thing apart from the conventional choices, just like the treadmill or elliptical.

Even sprinters can profit from mixing rowing into their exercises. Rowing could make them extra explosive with out placing the identical stress on their joints.

ARC Trainers

Not all Planet Fitnesses have these distinctive machines anymore, which is unlucky as a result of they’re unimaginable for participating your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves with each stride. So in case your Planet Health nonetheless has them, then you definately’re fortunate!

The patented arc sample creates much less stress on the knee joint, permitting a better muscle coaching impact with much less work. Experiment with completely different resistance ranges, inclines, and stride lengths to problem your self.

When utilizing any of those cardio machines, particularly when you’re simply beginning to go to the fitness center, goal for at the very least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio per week to maximise cardiovascular advantages. To keep away from becoming bored and falling off your well being journey, swap it up often and use completely different machines to keep away from adaptation and plateauing.

Planet Health Arm, Shoulder, Again, & Chest Machines

Planet Health gives a formidable lineup of machines for isolating and strengthening muscle teams. So, who wants a ton of free weights when you’ve gotten the number of machines that Planet Health gives?

Whether or not you are concentrating on your arms, shoulders, again, or chest, these machines, when used appropriately, may also help you obtain some unimaginable outcomes and construct a stronger, extra outlined higher physique. So, let’s discover among the most typical higher physique machines that you will see in your native Planet Health.

Bicep Curl Station

When not utilizing free weights, the bicep curl station isolates and strengthens the higher arm (biceps). Additionally it is one of many solely machines that strikes the higher arm away from the torso with out including further pressure on the shoulders.

To get essentially the most out of this machine, concentrate on managed actions with none wild swinging, and do not ego elevate through the use of an excessive amount of weight. Deal with getting a great squeeze by means of the muscle and coaching lighter to observe your biceps develop.

Chest Press

The machine chest press might be one among this listing’s hottest and easy-to-learn machines. It permits you to work on growing your chest, triceps, shoulders, and lats with heavier weights with out the added dangers of harm.

Modify the seat and grip positions to hit completely different elements of the chest, and keep away from bringing your elbows too far again, which may put an excessive amount of strain in your shoulders.

Low Row Machine

Just like the rowing machine you’ll use for cardio, you have interaction your again and biceps by pulling weights towards you in the same movement. The largest distinction is that with a low-row machine, concentrate on difficult your self with the weights as an alternative of doing as many as attainable.

To completely have interaction the muscle in your again and biceps, squeeze these shoulder blades collectively such as you’re hugging the positive factors.

Decrease Again Extension

Usually, I like to recommend deadlifts or different types of free weights to work the decrease again. Sadly, Planet Health tends to lack on this division. 

Why is that vital? Decrease again energy is important to the musculature of your total physique. These muscle teams are pivotal for strolling, leaping, and selecting stuff up off the ground.

Should you can be taught to make use of it appropriately, the decrease again extension might be the subsequent finest option to goal these decrease again muscle groups and increase your core stability. As cool as it’s, do not attempt to ego elevate your complete stack. Deal with gradual and managed actions to isolate the decrease again muscle groups.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press machine is great for constructing sturdy deltoids for learners and seasoned fitness center heads. In contrast to most shoulder press variations, the machine isolates the muscle groups in your shoulders utilizing a hard and fast motion sample.

Making it extraordinarily laborious to do it incorrectly. In case your shoulder press machine has them, experiment with utilizing completely different grips to place extra emphasis on completely different elements of the shoulder.

Additionally, be certain to regulate the seat appropriately. When the seat is just too low, or the handles are too excessive, you improve the chance of straining your shoulder muscle groups to overcompensate for this.

Lateral Increase Machine

The most effective methods to focus on the lateral (facet) head of the deltoid muscle groups within the shoulder is to do lateral raises. Whereas utilizing free weights for this motion is great, I choose utilizing the machine, because it helps stabilize the vary of movement and makes it simpler to isolate the muscle groups.

You possibly can’t cheat the machine both, whereas, with free weights, you may by chance have interaction an excessive amount of of your physique. Opposite to what you see on-line, you do not have to lift your arms as excessive as attainable to get a great vary of movement with this machine; as an alternative, concentrate on going to about 90 levels to see the total advantages.

Incline Press

Whereas just like the bench press machine, it varies a little bit as a result of it focuses on the higher portion of the pectoral muscle groups whereas providing extra stability than the free-weight options. For most individuals, if I had to decide on between the bench machine and the incline, I’d counsel utilizing the incline because it gives an extended vary of movement and creates extra time underneath stress on the muscle groups.

Cable Tower Machine

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That is most likely the most multipurpose machine on this listing since you may technically train each muscle in your physique relying on the cable angle and the attachments. A cable tower machine can be nice for balancing muscle imbalances, enhancing the mind-muscle connection, and performing therapy-style actions for injured muscle groups.

In contrast to machines, cable tower machines provide a motion that’s sometimes safer and simpler than free weights however nonetheless can work on some stabilizing muscle groups. A cable tower machine sometimes has numerous attachments for numerous workout routines concentrating on completely different muscle teams.

The commonest attachments you would possibly discover are a straight bar, rope, D-handle, V-bar, ankle strap, and EZ curl bar.

Triceps Extension Machine

When you may’t use the cable tower to work in your triceps, the subsequent most suitable choice is the tricep extension machine. By inserting the again of your arms on the pad, you lock your arms in and isolate the tricep higher, making the machine an efficient means of constructing muscle, dimension, and energy within the triceps.

To maintain the strain in your triceps, attempt to not let your elbows lock utterly out when pushing the handles away from you.

Lat Pull-Down Machine

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This machine is likely one of the finest methods to focus on the lats, the massive muscle groups extending from the center of the again to the edges, in addition to the arms, core, and shoulder muscle groups. So, if one among your targets is to have the ability to do some pull-ups, then this machine must be part of your routine.

A number of variations of lat pull-downs can be utilized to hit completely different again and higher physique areas. The commonest variation is the wide-grip lat pull-down, which includes utilizing a wider grip on the bar, emphasizing the outer parts of the lats and the higher again and shoulders muscle groups.

One other variation is the close-grip lat pull-down, which includes utilizing a grip that’s roughly shoulder-width aside. This variation targets the internal parts of the lats, in addition to the biceps and forearms.

Pec Deck Machine

A pec deck is designed to extend chest energy and muscle mass. It’s so efficient that it has been ranked the most effective workout routines for constructing chest muscle groups.¹

The pec deck works each your chest, primarily your pectoralis main, which is the muscle that permits you to convey your arms collectively and swing them out. In the meantime, your supporting muscle groups, just like the serratus anterior, are additionally activated.

Do not focus an excessive amount of on the burden you utilize; as an alternative, take your time and squeeze on the prime of the motion to focus on your chest.

Planet Health Hip, Glute, Ab, & Leg Machines

Do you know that the legs have among the greatest muscle groups within the physique? It is sensible since they’re used typically and for a lot of completely different actions.

Because the legs are the physique’s greatest muscle group, you are able to do a whole bunch of workout routines to construct your legs and select from many train machines. Listed here are among the machines in Planet Health that I might suggest searching for out to get sturdy, toned legs.

Seated Leg Press

Sitting leg presses can goal the quads, hamstrings, and glutes if you’re uncomfortable doing free-weight squats. Coping with decrease again ache? It is not an issue since you might be seated, which protects your decrease again from pressure.

To take full benefit of the leg press, modify the seat in order that your knees have roughly a 90-degree bend and your toes are shoulder-width aside. Your toes ought to level barely outward, like a frog. Be certain that your knees have a slight bend as you drive by means of your heels to increase your legs.

Leg Extension Machine

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Leg extensions are sometimes ignored and underappreciated within the grand scheme of leg workout routines, like squats and lunges. The leg extension machine’s main focus is the quads, and it is likely one of the solely methods of isolating them.

It’s possible you’ll hear some individuals say that this machine is unhealthy in your knees, however it’s really actually good for them! So long as you do not attempt to go too heavy and do not lock your knees out on the prime of the motion.

Leg Curl Machine

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Leg curl machines are an incredible addition to a decrease physique coaching program as a result of they permit you to isolate your hamstrings and work them from angles that may be troublesome to attain utilizing free-weight workout routines.

Most Planet Fitnesses have a mendacity leg curl machine, however some may additionally have a seated leg curl. 

Each are nice choices, with mendacity leg curls providing a barely higher stretch by means of the hamstrings.

It is a fairly easy machine that does not require a lot thought to do appropriately; the one factor that I imagine is price mentioning is to guarantee that your toes are pointing the identical means, as it may hit the hamstring barely in another way in case your toes aren’t in the identical place.

Smith Machine

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This machine could be the perfect factor Planet Health gives in addition to the cable towers. With a hard and fast vertical barbell path and adjustable security options, the Smith machines allow you to elevate heavier weights and make positive factors with decrease impression whereas offering many train choices that hit all main muscle teams.

Planet Health would not sometimes provide gear for barbell actions, so you’ll have to use the Smith machine for squats, bench presses, bent-over rows, deadlifts, and different compound actions.

Seated Calf Increase Machine

Most likely essentially the most uncared for muscle groups within the decrease physique, the calves, should get some love, and you do not need individuals pondering you’ve gotten hen legs. So, construct these calf muscle groups on a calf increase machine.

Why is that this vital? Weak ankles and calves may cause points in gait and stability throughout operating, standing, leaping, and even squatting.

To get essentially the most out of seated calf raises, use a great weight, keep away from bouncing the weights, and get a great stretch out the underside of the motion and a squeeze on the prime.

Abductor and Adductor Machines

Whether or not you are a man or a woman, I perceive that this machine will be awkward to make use of, particularly while you by chance make eye contact with somebody. Nonetheless, the advantages you may see whereas utilizing this machine ought to make you need to overcome this sense.

In fact, having a well-shaped booty is one good thing about doing each abduction and abduction workout routines in your hips. Nonetheless, there’s way more to it than that, together with mobility, steadiness, stability, and improved muscle energy.

Glute Kickback Machine

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Isolate and strengthen your glutes for a sculpted posterior. The glute kickback is an remoted train that works all three gluteal muscle groups (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus).

Additionally it is nice for strengthening your hamstrings, calves, and core since muscle groups assist to stabilize the motion. To keep away from hurting your again whereas utilizing this machine, do not let your again arch attempt pushing the burden. Lighten the load if this occurs, and brace your core.

Stomach Crunch Machine

I imagine abs are sometimes finest labored through the use of free weights, a cable tower, or your physique weight. 

Nonetheless, Planet Health does have a few ab crunch machine variations that may be simply pretty much as good.

Like every ab train, do not let momentum take over, making the motion simpler. As an alternative, concentrate on utilizing core energy solely and doing every rep underneath management. 


Planet Health gives numerous machines to help your health targets. Whereas conventional weightlifting choices could have some limitations, you may nonetheless obtain a full-body exercise and make vital progress with some dedication and clever coaching.

Discover the number of machines out there. Should you need assistance getting began understanding at Planet Health, take a look at this text, The Greatest Planet Health Exercise Routine (3-5 Day Plans).


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