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“Each system is completely designed to get the outcomes it will get.”—Paul Batalden, Medical Professional

In his guide, Upstream: Methods to remedy issues earlier than they occur, Dan Heath talks about how upstream selections can have a higher impression on downstream outcomes. He additionally explains the distinction between upstream selections and preventative measures (being proactive isn’t the identical as considering upstream).

Upstream selections require a deeper degree of considering to seek out an acceptable resolution slightly than being responsive with preventative measures. For instance, a life preserver is a preventative measure (downstream considering), whereas investing in swimming classes is an upstream choice.

And that’s why I’m writing right this moment.

I’ll present sensible recommendation on how you can assume upstream to spice up your efficiency and see extra constant progress along with your coaching earlier than it even begins. I can even clarify the higher-level techniques and “invisible” points of power coaching.

How It Started

After I began utilizing kettlebells (circa 2006), there have been solely a handful of fellows talking on the topic (this was earlier than I discovered Pavel’s work). YouTube was simply getting off the bottom, which meant little to no content material for a beginner making an attempt to discover ways to get in form in minimal time to coach Jiu-Jitsu extra and get injured much less.

The top end result?

Me making an attempt to determine every little thing out by myself.

(It didn’t end up properly, and I’ve the welts on my wrists to show it.)

As we speak power coaching with kettlebells has turn out to be mainstream, however right here’s what nobody is speaking about:

The invisible points of power coaching. Those which can be chargeable for offering the outcomes you’re not even conscious of.

The explanation for that is that upstream selections are intangible, whereas downstream selections are extra measurable.

For those who don’t know what you’re searching for, the downstream results might chunk you within the… properly, you understand the place.

Since 2011, I’ve been educating a sequence of “Upstream Energy Methods” to personal college students at our fitness center, the Hardstyle Health Academy.

The outcomes have been jaw-dropping.

We’ve seen deadlifts enhance from as little as 30lb in eight weeks to 110lb in twelve months.

A deadlift PR

Take note, these are busy mothers and dads, simply common Joes and Janes such as you and me.

I personally took a 475lb ten rep max (10RM) within the deadlift to a 505lb 10RM in 4 weeks lifting nothing heavier than 415lb.

When you perceive these “Upstream Energy Methods” and know how you can put them right into a easy and repeatable plan of motion you’ll:

  • Construct a stronger, leaner, and extra resilient physique in much less time.
  • Enhance your muscle-building potential with fewer shifting elements in your coaching.
  • Comply with a repeatable framework to customise your weekly coaching in line with your schedule and life-style.
The kettlebell snatch

5 Upstream Energy Methods to Increase Efficiency earlier than Coaching Begins

On the Hardstyle Health Academy, we comply with two philosophies:

  • Philosophy #1: The “Energy Engine” (SE)
  • Philosophy #2: The “Energy Engine” (PE)

Consider the “Energy Engine” as having a three-part filter.

Earlier than I take any of our college students (or myself) by a coaching program, it must move the next:

  1. It follows a much less is extra strategy.
  2. It has only some shifting elements.
  3. It’s extremely accessible.

Our college students’ coaching must be easy.

Simplicity = Repeatability for on a regular basis Joes and Janes.

Repeatability = Consistency.

Consistency = Long run progress.

Bear in mind, “each system is completely designed to get the outcomes it will get.”

If you would like repeatable and constant outcomes, coaching must be easy—particularly as life turns into extra complicated and aggravating.

I exploit the next 5 methods to make sure our applications move the three filters listed above. They’re minimalism (and ease) at its best—the 20% that delivers 80% of your outcomes.

Upstream Energy Technique #1: Ideas of Energy Coaching

Hindsight is 20/20.

If I had the choice to begin Jiu-Jitsu (and power coaching with kettlebells) another time, I might concentrate on understanding the ideas of power coaching first.

The why behind the how.

For instance, whenever you perceive why you’re gripping a sure means, placing your toes right here, and respiratory this manner, the how turns into simple.

Let’s take a look at gripping the kettlebell for a second.

Grip #1: The crush grip

The crush grip

For a lot of that is the suitable grip in your “grind” train just like the press, get-up, and entrance squat. It provides you extra floor connection, permitting you to “crush” the deal with to recruit extra of the shoulder and lats for a stronger press.

Grip #2: The false grip

The false grip

On the subject of greater quantity ballistic workout routines like cleans, snatches, push presses, and jerks the false grip is the cash grip for 2 causes:

  1. You’ll be able to calm down your grip throughout greater quantity units/periods (your grip often provides out earlier than your legs do).
  2. The kettlebell rests on the heel of the palm which innervates a nerve to kick in your triceps providing you with a sooner lockout.

Grip #3: The hook grip

The hook grip

After I first began utilizing kettlebells, I used to seize a kettlebell like a dumbbell—similar to the “crush grip.” This isn’t a super grip when swinging, cleansing, and snatching a kettlebell.

To avoid wasting your fingers so you will get probably the most out of your follow, you need to hook the kettlebell.

The fantastic thing about power coaching with kettlebells is that they’re self-correcting. They let you understand when one thing is off both within the type of bruised/swollen wrists or torn up fingers.

This upstream consciousness of the why results in the second technique.

Upstream Energy Technique #2: Technical Talent (Observe versus Working Out)

When you perceive the ideas of power coaching, you’ll be able to put them into repeatable follow.

For years I simply “labored out.” And for years, I remained the identical. On the mat my grip was nonetheless failing, and I used to be nonetheless gassing out after a few rounds.


As a result of “each system is completely designed to get the outcomes it will get.”

Random exercises and 10,000 kettlebell swing challenges are completely designed to get you random (unrepeatable) outcomes.

Like Jiu-Jitsu, power—an upstream idea—is a ability. And expertise have to be practiced.

Why follow versus understanding?

As a result of follow is straightforward, repeatable, constant.

The one-arm kettlebell swing

Upstream Energy Technique #3: The Skilled Software of Pressure

Most stress is powerful, however gradual.

Velocity, agility, quickness, and suppleness are quick and free, however weak.

Figuring out how a lot stress to use to attain a process is the nuance. In Jiu-Jitsu, understanding to get tight when making an attempt to complete a strain move and when to be free so you’ll be able to lock in a submission is a ability.

As Brett Jones, StrongFirst Director of Schooling, would say, it’s about “decreasing the quantity, not altering the channel.”

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  1. The get-up: A robust girl warming up the get-up with a 16kg kettlebell doesn’t have to generate a whole lot of stress or use energy respiratory. She wants simply sufficient stress to ensure her shoulder is linked and she or he has a agency grip on the kettlebell. Her respiratory ought to be “pure” with a typical biomechanical breath match on the lunge to standing. If I needed to give the quantity of required stress a quantity, I might say a 5 out of 10 effort.

    Examine this to a girl performing a half body weight get-up. On this case, stress can be close to most. She would crush grip the kettlebell and energy breathe at a number of phases. The get-up can be slower as a result of close to most stress is powerful, however gradual.

  2. The Navy Press: A gentleman urgent 50% of his 1RM doesn’t have to generate a whole lot of stress.

    Nevertheless, the strain required for him to press half his body weight can be a lot completely different. You get the thought.

The one-arm kettlebell military press

Just like Technique #1, it’s important to know why you’re making use of stress as a result of if/when stress turns into the only focus of your follow, you may jeopardize your efforts all collectively.

This leads us to the following technique.

Upstream Energy Technique #4: Dominanta Plus the Quantum Zeno Impact

“What fires collectively, wires collectively.”—Hebb’s Regulation.

When you perceive why and when to be tight, it’s all about focus.

In his guide, You Are Not Your Mind, Neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz refers to a phenomenon referred to as the “Quantum Zeno Impact” (QZE).

It enhances Hebb’s regulation, describing how protecting your muscular tissues firing collectively lengthy sufficient —by targeted consideration—creates a wholly new mind circuit.

That is the place habits come from.

The StrongFirst pushup

The higher you turn out to be at synchronizing your muscular tissues, the stronger you’ll be. And the higher you’ll be at urgent, deadlifting, and coaching Jiu-Jitsu.

This is the reason “power is a ability.”

The QZE is basically your potential to focus.

Within the StrongFirst system, we name this “Dominanta”—the “Dominant Thought.”

When constructing a heavy press, shift your focus to the muscular tissues that want to fireplace to allow them to wire collectively.

Don’t concentrate on how onerous the press is. Don’t concentrate on how heavy the load is.

Focus in your breath. Give attention to making use of the correct amount of stress. Give attention to visualizing the top of the raise.

When you’ll be able to sync your muscular tissues effectively, deploy the “skilled utility of stress,” and preserve Dominanta, you solidify the creation of latest mind circuits.

This makes power computerized and consequently boosts efficiency earlier than the raise even occurs.

Upstream Energy Technique #5: Posture Plus Positioning = Most Leverage

“Place earlier than submission.”—Aurelio Gallegos Jr, 4th Diploma BJJ Black Belt.

This was one of many first issues I discovered from Aurelio—my first Jiu-Jitsu coach. Earlier than you’ll be able to execute a submission, you should first have a powerful place. And earlier than you will get into a powerful place, you want a powerful posture.

Sturdy Posture = Sturdy Positioning = Most Leverage.

To be efficient on the mat and get probably the most out of your power coaching efforts, posture and positioning are non-negotiables.

From December 2021 by March 2022, I deadlifted a barbell for 85 straight days. You’ll be able to examine this in my article, “Methods to Deadlift a Barbell Each Day.”

Along with every session, I carried out a “technical day” as soon as per week. That is the place I targeted on making use of all 5 methods.

I might set a timer for 30-45 minutes and concentrate on honing my deadlift ability. Notably the wedge and getting the weights to “break” off the ground earlier than the raise even occurred.

The wedge is a primary instance of upstream power coaching.

The sumo deadlift wedge for a perfect leverage

It requires common follow, the right utility of stress, unwavering focus, and builds your posture so you will get in the correct place for optimum leverage and a stronger pull.

The downstream results after 85 days?

Day 30: +50lb to my coaching max.

Day 66: +40 b to my coaching max.

Day 85: 575lb for a triple.

All with out over coaching or interfering with my duties as a husband and father.

Study Methods to Apply the “Upstream Energy Methods”

For those who’re not seeing the progress you envisioned whenever you began utilizing kettlebells (or power coaching as a complete), I’m keen to guess you’re not taking a much less is extra strategy in your coaching by considering downstream as a substitute of upstream.

When you perceive the next:

  1. Ideas of Energy Coaching.
  2. Technical Talent: Observe versus Working Out.
  3. Skilled Software of Pressure.
  4. Dominanta plus the Quantum Zeno Impact.
  5. Posture plus Positioning for Most Leverage.

The outcomes will care for themselves as a result of “each system is completely designed to get the outcomes it will get.”

I’ll be educating these “Upstream Energy Methods” (and some others) at Programming Demystified—together with extra on Philosophy #2: The Energy Engine and its three elements:

  1. The “Energy 4”
  2. Sample Pairing Progressions
  3. Observe Tactical Technique

And the way they are going to show you how to to:

  • Construct your personal kettlebell complicated applications.
  • Put collectively a method for power, strength-endurance, hypertrophy, maximal power, and energy coaching (one other upstream technique).
  • Design a framework to construct customizable (and scalable) coaching plans.

I’ll even be gifting away three of our most profitable plug-n-play coaching plans primarily based on actual world expertise utilizing the “Upstream Energy Methods:”

  • ‘Mat Sturdy!’ Protocol
  • ‘At all times Be Prepared!’
  • Energy Plan 701A

See you at Programming Demystified.

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